TMS: One Step Towards Making Life Better

In today’s competitive and ever-evolving cooperate world, no person is there who isn’t going through stress problems. With the evolution of mankind, diseases and problems humans have to deal with are also evolving. One such major disease is mental health and issues related to it. Studies have shown that 1 out of 5 persons is suffering from some kind of mental health issue such as deadline completion stress, stock market stress, family problems, breakup or divorce stress etc. Even some school going kids suffer these types of mental health problems when they come under pressure of parents for scoring good marks, teachers’ pressure for participating in extra-curriculum activities, the peer pressure of getting a partner, be socially famous, have a good grip on certain games etc. As we do not discuss these matters with anyone, the stress gets converted into depression and as there is no natural cure for depression it starts affecting our daily routine, making us more and more inefficient in doing any type of task even if it is very simple in nature to forget about complex ones. But you don’t need to get stressed out more by reading this article as your life us already so stressed and depressing and I know that because that’s only the reason you are here, reading this article. The reason I said that you don’t need to be depressed anymore is that we have found a cure for depression and that is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation i.e. TMS treatment and therapy. Before we get into all the benefits of TMS, let’s have an in-depth look at various reasons causing stress and depression and also find out yourself of you belong to any of the following categories.

Reasons For Depression

  • Loosing or failing constantly in your professional life.
  • For example, a person not able to run a start-up smoothly even after many attempts. A student failing to pass subjects or secure good grades repetitively.
  • Losing someone close to you: many times it is seen that people tend to get lonely and depressed after losing someone close to them. The losing part maybe because of death or divorce or breakup. Study shows that 46 million people alone in the US are suffering from anxiety which is just a form of depression. Many of them are teenagers and young adults who face such issues because of breakups and heartbreaks. Older and senior people face loneliness and depression after the death of their partner as they were together for such a long run of their life. The sudden demise of their partner leaves them to stun and helpless.
  • Fatal accidents or loss of limb: this phenomenon deals with people who experienced a fatal accident which leaves them traumatized afterward. The second type includes patients who lose their limbs like hand or legs in accidents which affect their professional life and daily routine. People for whom their work was everything starts losing their interest in life and stop socializing making themselves victims of anxiety and depression.
  • A bad day
  • This phenomenon is as it is the way it sounds. Sometimes it takes nothing more than a bad day for a person to fall victim to depression.

There are many more reasons for going through depression. If you think you are going through any of the above-mentioned situation or anything remotely similar to it, then you are at right place as TMS treatment and therapy is all you need.

What is TMS? How does it work?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation i.e. TMS is used in the form of a device that passes electric currents through the brain. The repetitive implications of these currents have shown diagnostic and therapeutic potential in dealing with diseases and mental health issues. It acts as a central nervous system reboot which helps the nervous system to deal with anxiety, stress and depression. TMS is a great alternative to a natural cure for depression.

A magnetic coil is placed on the head of the patient. This coil is in contact with the patient’s scalp. The stimulator attached to the coil generates an electric current which causes magnetic field generation in the coil. This magnetic field, in turn, generates electric current within the brain of the patient.

Application of TMS

TMS treatment and therapy is widely used for diagnostic and therapeutic field. As it does not require any kind of surgery or implantation, it can be done easily and is recommended by many private clinics.

So don’t waste any more of your precious life living in depression. Get started on your TMS treatment and therapy session from today itself and make a step towards healthy and stress-free living.

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