The Various Types Of Treatment That Are Available For The Cure Of Depression

Depression is something that most of the teenagers or young adults go through in this modern era. Well, there are various reasons as to why depression is a part of this modern lifestyle. There is a combination of various factors that lead to depression. Let us have an overview of this.

The Various Reasons As To Why Depression Is Caused

The Biological Causes

  • The brain undergoing some physical changes: studies have shown that the part of the brain which is depressed shows less activity when it has been stimulated and this is a reason as to why many individuals lack interest in their day to day activities. Also, there is a tendency that some parts of the brain also reduce in volume.

  • Hormones: the changes of hormones in the body can also be a reason as to why depression is caused in an individual. The hormonal changes are usually seen in menopause and thyroid problems among the others out there.

Environmental Causes

  • Some major problems occurring in one’s relationship

  • A death in the family or some loved one

  • Highly stressful situations

  • Financial problems

There can be various levels of depression and various reasons as well since all of us have different capacities to understand a situation and different ways to deal with it. Some people can easily take away the stress and get back to normal but on the other hand, there are some people who go through a serious level of depression. There is no need to worry, these days there are different cures for depression.

Types of psychotherapy that is considered to be effective in the curing of depression

  • Problem-solving therapy: this therapy basically tries to deal with all the problems that the patient is facing. Once the problem is got to light there will be solutions provided to it. The therapist will help the patient to evaluate and find the best solution among all for himself.

  • Supportive counseling: basically, there is no structure that is involved in this therapy. All the therapist does is gives a listening ear to all that the patient has to say. The patient can talk about anything that they want to including the issue that is upsetting him or her. Then after listening to what the patient has to say, the therapist provides empathy and great support to the patient.

  • Psychodynamic therapy: the unconscious and wounds of the past which have not been healed are been explored by the patient with the help of the therapist. This helps the patient to become aware of his or her past experiences which have not been resolved and has been an inbuilt cause of the depression.

The common types of depression:

The Major Depressive Disorder: the key characteristics of this disorder includes changes in weight, disturbance in the sleep pattern, difficulty while concentrating in situations and decision making, depressed mood, fatigue and so on.

Bipolar disorder: this disorder will affect the person both mentally and emotionally. These will include symptoms like anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, disorganization and so on.

What are the symptoms of depression?

  • Disturbance in the sleep pattern: things like difficulty in falling asleep, feeling sleepy even though you have had a full night sleep or even daytime sleepiness can be signs of being depressed. If you are undergoing such things then you need to make sure you go ahead for depression treatment and get proper therapy for it.

  • Changes in your appetite: there will be changes in your weight which will be very significant. Apart from that, there will be major changes in the appetite like overeating or even loss of appetite.

  • Difficulty in concentrating: when in depression the ability of a person’s decision making and concentration is affected. This can be noticed by both the individuals themselves who are undergoing depression or the people around whom they work might see how they find it difficult in making decisions and concentrating on their work.

  • A decrease in interests or even pleasure: this is also a major sign of depression in a person when he or she doesn’t show enough interest in those things that once he found amusing. These could include daily activities or even some specific tasks.

How do you differentiate sadness from depression?

Well, you must be aware that sadness and depression are completely different from each other. Sadness is something that will probably last for a short span of time whereas depression will last for a longer period of time. But there is this high chance of sadness leading to depression.

If you ever are going through depression you need to be well aware and know that you are not alone and that you have many loved ones who will help you get through this phase. Also, depression is one of the major causes of deaths of so many people all over the world. When a person is depressed he or she keep having recurrent thoughts of suicide and thus these thoughts might actually lead the person in taking this drastic step.

Also, depression can occur in anyone, no matter how young or old the person might be. This actually depends on the life events of a person and how it takes a toll on his or her health. But as studies have shown it is considered that women are more prone to depression in comparison to men. Depression can also be genetic. It can be transferred from one generation to another. It is also known that the genetics of depression can be actually very complicated.

It is very important that if a person is depressed the other people who are close to them need to make sure that they get all the required love, concern, care and attention that they are seeking for. This will help them to know that someone is concerned about their well-being and they will make an effort to get back to their normal life. This depression phase can be a very difficult phase for many individuals out there.

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